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Owned and Operated by Certified Canine Behavior & Training Specialists


Our convenient, customized, and experienced services always include training with a certified canine behavior and training specialist.  We offer behavior and quality of life solutions for you and your dog in a stress free home environment.  At Dog School it's our goal to always exceed your expectations, contact us and come see why!

Now serving Austin, Texas.  

Welcome to the Dog School House tour!

Dog School Austin Offers FREE Pick up & Drop off at any Location!!!

Here at Dog School we specialize in creating an environmental friendly and perfect home setting for your dog to live and learn in during their stay with us.  We believe that in-home training is the most effective way for your dog's training skills to transfer back into their real lives and homes once they have completed their course with us.  Your dog will be working and living with their very own personal dog trainer 24/7, we work on training throughout the house and when out on field trips. Even during down time at the school house we are always maintaining training and manners with your dog. We utilize the whole house and your dog always has free range until bedtime and then based on the dog and the owner's needs they will either sleep in their crate or in a room with their trainer, your dog will always have over night supervision at Dog School.  

Dog School is a dog friendly zone therefore, we do not accept any aggressive dogs into our school house, this will be determined during our consultation and admissions process.  For those of you that are suffering with dog aggression issues, we're happy to help, please contact us so we can customize a private training plan that will work for and your dog.  

For those of you interested in the in-home training style but would like to keep your dog in your own home, check out our Home School Program!

Dog School House located in 78704 please check back for pictures coming soon! 

What makes us green at Dog School?

  • Non-toxic cleaning agents
  • Natural shampoos & conditioners
  • Grain free, all human grade pet food option
  • Grain free, organic training treats
  • Organic pest control program
  • No harsh chemicals used in our school house

Owned and Operated by Certified Canine Behavior & Training Specialists