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Our convenient, customized, and experienced services always include training with a certified canine behavior and training specialist.  We offer behavior and quality of life solutions for you and your dog in a stress free home environment.  At Dog School it's our goal to always exceed your expectations, contact us and come see why!

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 Does your dog have a bad jumping habit?

Jumping can be a difficult thing to deal with when guests are coming into your home and also when you are out in public. Dog School uses obedience techniques to deal with this all too common problem.  We first teach your dog the importance of respecting you and walking on a loose leash, then followed by using the appropriate training command depending on the situation to replace the jumping.  If you are out walking in public or in someone else's home or work we would often use the "sit" command when approaching other people and take the jumping out of the picture.  When in your own home this can also be affective but we also love to use our "place" command, which is a boundary stay on something like a dog bed.  So when you have guests entering your home, your dog will stay calmly on their bed until you "free" them and then you can introduce them in a calmer environment. All of our services would be able to address the issue of jumping, contact us today and find out which service is right for you and your dog and we'll get that taken care of immediately!

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Owned and Operated by Certified Canine Behavior & Training Specialists