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Our convenient, customized, and experienced services always include training with a certified canine behavior and training specialist.  We offer behavior and quality of life solutions for you and your dog in a stress free home environment.  At Dog School it's our goal to always exceed your expectations, contact us and come see why!

Now serving Austin, Texas.  

I have always been a believer that for a quality life for your dog and yourself training should be a part of your life. At least just going through a puppy class for the ever so important socialzation and bonding.I had every intention of just going to puppy class for those reasons. Then I met the Trainers Extraordinaire at Dog School. Dogs love Dog School. I have seen aggressive dogs, shy dogs, dogs with all kinds of problems, or none at all,and within minutes of being at the Dog School they some how automatically know this is a good thing. More importantly, the trainer’s are great with people. They are extremley patient and always willing to take extra minutes to address whatever you may need. I’ve been to training classes where the Trainer is impatient with the owners and some of the dogs, and that is not a good thing at all! Rachel, Owner of Dog School, are quick to answer emails or phone calls. They will never leave you hanging. They offer an array of services and classes . Something for everyone . Trained and certfied by the esteemed Triple Crown Academy. They have many years of experience.Needless to say I saw how much fun my dog was having in training and just kept going. It has been a blast! We have been with Dog School since my pup was 6 months old. She is now 2yrs. I have met people that have been with Dog School for many years. All I can say is I trust my dog’s life with Dog School and for me, that is saying a lot!! Give it a try. If you’re a true dog lover and want a quality life for both you and your dog...check it out. You will be so glad you did, and so will your pup!
— A very Happy Client with a very well trained and adjusted dog, not to mention she's happy as she can be, Aries family

I cannot say enough about the work that the trainers at Dog School have done for our family. I say “family” because their training was just as important for my fiance and me as much as it was for our Great Pyrenees, Simi (and because Simi is part of the family!). They did such an incredible job of explaining their methods and the expectations of what could be accomplished in the training session.

As to the process, it was certainly worth it. We were curious about the boarding school program initially because we’ve never really done it before and we weren’t sure what could really be done in five days. Our expectations were more than exceeded! I’ve raised and trained labs all my life and was pretty down on myself because we had some behavioral issues with our dog. I just wasn’t sure what to do as I felt I’d used up all the “tools” in my toolbox of dog training including treat training, clicker training, resourcing from the internet, watching Cesar Milan, etc. Dog School trainer’s listened to what I had done and then proceeded to lay out a plan that just had more tools and ideas. When we returned home five days later, they explained that they tried several different methods before finding one that Simi really responded to. And here we are, a couple of weeks later, and everything is so much better because their training really helped us understand the language of better communicating with our dog. My fiance has said that she looks forward to dog walks now and no longer feels like our Great Pyrenees will lunge after any squirrel that walks by.

I really think the difference between the training they provide is that they really got personal with our dog and could explain how our dog learned and communicated. They told us so much about how she learns and what she responds to. It wasn’t limited to teaching her how to “not bolt out the door” - it was more about teaching her a command with a responsive language/technique and then teaching us how to use that language/technique. I’ve been to the classes at the major chains and I can honestly say that this far exceeded it. The level of understanding we now have is so much more advanced than before.

I can’t thank them enough for the work they’ve done. From the pictures they sent of Simi while we were away to the very personal information they told us about Simi, we felt like they truly wanted to make the experience rewarding - and the mission was accomplished. Thank you again Dog School
— The Great Pyrenees Family

Dog School is the best thing I have found in all my years of owning and training my pups. The trainers at Dog School, are quite simply, incredible. My yellow Lab WANTS to please me, WANTS to focus and bring her best paw forward, WANTS to be an ideal pet. And this is because I started working with Dog School from the time my pup was 12 weeks old. She is now going on 5 years and is the best behaved, most fun, and wonderful companion I have ever owned. Dog School provides every piece of support I need concerning my dog. I have used their services for boarding, training, field trips, and now agility classes. All interactions are based on positive reinforcement - both with my dog and with me. If you own a dog, then you MUST find Dog School. You will be so glad you did!
— Traveler's Family

We have been working with Rachel, Owner and a trainer at Dog School, for a couple of years now and have always enjoyed learning from and working with her. She is incredibly patient with dogs and people alike and has a solution for every problem. Dog School is very reliable, responsive, and flexible to meet their clients’ needs. We never hesitate to leave Sienna with them when we’re out of town and don’t have to worry when we’re gone. Highly recommended!
— Sienna's Family

Owned and Operated by Certified Canine Behavior & Training Specialists